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Midnight Club: Street Racing Remake Edition is a upcoming Remake Version of Midnight Club: Street Racing, It is going to be developed and published by Peanuteegee. It is a fangame in the Midnight Club series.

Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition
Status Restarting the development and improving the game.
Release date TBA
Developers Developed by: Peanuteegee
Publishers Published by: TBA
256px-Midnight Club - Street Racing Coverart


A mysterious group of urban street racers known as the Midnight Club race for pride, power, and glory in sleekly customised, enhanced sports cars. As a regular New York City cab driver, the player learns about this secret club and decides to join.

The player begins with his relatively unmodified and slow vehicle, a taxi. Through a series of races, each with different goals, they defeat other racers and win faster and more expensive vehicles.

You begin your career by chasing a racer named Emilo Sanchez. As you continue to follow Emilo Sanchez, the first race starts from the World Trade Center and ends at Central Park. After you win the race, your now a part of the Midnight Club and Emilo Sanchez tells you to continue to race him. When you finish the second race, you will unlock the Crusero Bueno. When the player decides to change vehicles or continue career, the game will introduce 3 other racers and you must follow these hookmen to the starting line and win their cars. Depending who you choose to race, you will unlock the following vehicles: Crusero Excellente(complete 2 races), Crusero Magnifico(complete 2 races), Jones 400(complete 2 races), Jones 420(complete 2 races), Jones 450(complete 2 races), Pirahna PDQ(complete 2 races), Pirahna PDQ I(complete 2 races) and Pirahna PDQ ARi(complete 2 races). After you have beat all the racers, you can now beat Kareem Windross, the city champ. After beating Kareem Windross and his PT Phoenix, the player now travel to London and continue to challege Kareen Windross and 4 new racers. The game's cities are known for their gravity-defying jumps and shortcuts. Like any other racing games, when the player is racing in the rain, it can make the player very difficult to handle any fast vehicles since the streets are slippery especially when the player drifts around street corners and when racing in the fog it is hard to see where you're going and don't notice incoming traffic and police.


  1. Emilo Sanchez
  2. Larry Muller
  3. Keiko Hatano
  4. Kareem Windross
  5. Lukas Howell-Jones
  6. Emily Morton
  7. Darren Thurrock
  8. Anika
  9. Owleegee
  10. Owlalleo
  11. Owlmee
  12. Gophereegee
  13. Gopheralleo
  14. Gophermee
  15. Rabbiteegee
  16. Rabbitalleo
  17. Rabbitmee
  18. Tiggereegee
  19. Tiggeralleo
  20. Tiggermee
  21. Rooeegee
  22. Rooalleo
  23. Roomee
  24. Kangaeegee
  25. Kangalleo
  26. Kangamee
  27. Eeyoremee
  28. Kessiemee
  29. Kessiealleo
  30. Kessieegee
  31. Pigleteegee
  32. Pigletalleo
  33. Pigletmee
  34. Poohmee
  35. Pooheegee
  36. Poohalleo
  37. Horaceegee
  38. Horacealleo
  39. Horacemee
  40. Clarabellemee
  41. Clarabellealleo
  42. Clarabelleegee
  43. Peteegee
  44. Petealleo
  45. Petemee
  46. Max Goofeegee
  47. Max Goofalleo
  48. Max Goofmee
  49. Goofymee
  50. Goofyalleo
  51. Goofyeegee
  52. Daisymee
  53. Daisyalleo
  54. Daisyeegee
  55. Hueyeegee
  56. Hueyalleo
  57. Hueymee
  58. Deweyeegee
  59. Deweyalleo
  60. Deweymee
  61. Louiemee
  62. Louiealleo
  63. Louieegee
  64. Donaldmee
  65. Donaldalleo
  66. Donaldeegee
  67. Milliemee
  68. Milliealleo
  69. Millieegee
  70. Melodymee
  71. Melodyalleo
  72. Melodyeegee
  73. Minnieemee
  74. Minniealleo
  75. Minnieegee
  76. Ortensiamee
  77. Ortensialleo
  78. Ortensiaeegee
  79. Oswaldeemee
  80. Oswaldalleo
  81. Oswaldeegee
  82. Mickeemee
  83. Mickeealleo
  84. Mickeegee
  85. Mrs Muskreemee
  86. Mrs Muskralleo
  87. Mrs Muskreegee
  88. Mr Muskralleo
  89. Mr Muskreemee
  90. Mr Muskreegee
  91. Dorismee
  92. Dorisalleo
  93. Doriseegee
  94. Wallymee
  95. Wallyalleo
  96. Wallyeegee
  97. Tim the Ice Weegee
  98. Tim the Ice Malleo
  99. Tim the Ice Meegee
  100. Simonmee
  101. Simonalleo
  102. Simoneegee
  103. Conniealleo
  104. Conniemee
  105. Connieegee
  106. Cap'nmee
  107. Cap'nalleo
  108. Cap'ngee
  109. Mr.Bigalleo
  110. Mr.Bigmee
  111. Me.Bigee
  112. Geroginamee
  113. Geroginalleo
  114. Geroginaeegee
  115. Edouardeemee
  116. Edouardalleo
  117. Edouardeegee
  118. Boostiemee
  119. Boostiealleo
  120. Boostieegee
  121. Ostieemee
  122. Ostiealleo
  123. Ostieegee
  124. Shirleyalleo
  125. Shirleymee
  126. Shirleyeegee
  127. Billyeegee
  128. Billyalleo
  129. Billymee
  130. Flickmee
  131. Flickalleo
  132. Flickeegee
  133. Betty Loualleo
  134. Betty Loumee
  135. Betty Lougee
  136. Munchyalleo
  137. Muchymee
  138. Munchyeegee
  139. Walteralleo
  140. Waltermee
  141. Waltereegee
  142. Wandalleo
  143. Wandaeemee
  144. Wandaeegee
  145. Rickeemee
  146. Rickyalleo
  147. Rickeegee
  148. Scootchmee
  149. Scootchalleo
  150. Scootcheegee
  151. Pinchmee
  152. Pinchalleo
  153. Pincheegee
  154. Redolfomee
  155. Redolfoalleo
  156. Redolfoeegee
  157. Annamee
  158. Annalleo
  159. Annaeegee
  160. Ernestmee
  161. Ernestalleo
  162. Ernesteegee
  163. Opaleemee
  164. Opalalleo
  165. Opaleegee
  166. Franmee
  167. Franalleo
  168. Franeegee
  169. Ms.Ferneegee
  170. Ms.Fernalleo
  171. Ms.Fernmee
  172. Grandmamaeegee
  173. Grandmamalleo
  174. Grandmamee
  175. Wikieegee
  176. Wikialleo
  177. Wikimee
  178. Tinieegee
  179. Tinialleo
  180. Tinimee
  181. Masieegee
  182. Masiealleo
  183. Masiemee
  184. Kipeegee
  185. Kipalleo
  186. Kipmee
  187. Funkyeegee
  188. Funkyalleo
  189. Funkymee
  190. Twinkleegee
  191. Twinklealleo
  192. Twinklemee
  193. Spunkyeegee
  194. Spunkyalleo
  195. Spunkymee
  196. Wayneegee
  197. Waynealleo
  198. Waynemee
  199. Kacieegee
  200. Kaciealleo
  201. Kaciemee
  202. Jaxeegee
  203. Jaxalleo
  204. Jaxmee
  205. Grandpop Crinkeegee
  206. Grandpop Crinkalleo
  207. Grandpop Crinkmee
  208. Zootereegee
  209. Zooteralleo
  210. Zootermee
  211. Mellieemee
  212. Melliealleo
  213. Mellieegee
  214. Rosyeegee
  215. Rosyalleo
  216. Rosymee
  217. Eubieegee
  218. Eubiealleo
  219. Eubiemee
  220. Jellyeegee
  221. Jellyalleo
  222. Jellymee
  223. Buttereegee
  224. Butteralleo
  225. Buttermee
  226. Barbereegee
  227. Mrs.Barbereegee
  228. Lribarbergee
  229. Franbee
  230. Mr.Electrician
  231. Ms. Fern
  232. Grandpa
  233. Grandmama
  234. Fripp
  235. Kip's mother
  236. Wiki
  237. Tini
  238. Masie
  239. Kip
  240. Wayne and Twinkle's mother
  241. Punky
  242. Mucky
  243. Pokey
  244. Mocky
  245. Winky
  246. Funky
  247. Twinkle
  248. Spunky
  249. Wayne
  250. Barber
  251. Mrs. Barber
  252. Peanutmee
  253. Penautalleo
  254. Peanuteegee (City Champ)
  255. Kacie
  256. Jax
  257. Grandpop Crink
  258. Lilu
  259. Uncle Zooter (Eubie's Uncle)
  260. Aunt Mellie (Eubie's Aunt)
  261. Rosy (World Champ)
  262. Eubie (World Champ)
  263. Pookie (avaliable in Arcade Mode races and is the sister of Kip and Masie)
  264. Pizza Guy (avaliable in Arcade Mode races)
  265. Mesaleseegee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  266. Mesalesalleo (available in Arcade Mode races)
  267. Measlesmee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  268. Spoteegee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  269. Spotalleo (available in Arcade Mode races)
  270. Spotmee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  271. Plutoeegee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  272. Plutoalleo (available in Arcade Mode races)
  273. Plutomee (available in Arcade Mode races)
  274. Eubie Jr (available in Arcade Mode races)
  275. Rosy Jr (avaliable in Arcade Mode races)
  276. Baby Eubie (avaliable in Arcade Mode races)
  277. Baby Rosy (available in Arcade Mode races)
  278. Wayne Jr (available in Arcade Mode races)
  279. Baby Wayne (available in Arcade Mode races) 


Taxi Cabs


Super Taxi


Taxi (No Graffiti)

Taxi (Non Playable Traffic Version)

Mickeegee Taxi

Pooheegee Taxi

Peanuteegee Taxi

Eubie Taxi

Eubieegee Taxi



Bueno (No Markings)

Bueno II

Bueno III

Bueno IV

Bueno V

Bueno VI

Bueno VII

Bueno VIII

Bueno IX

Bueno X

Bueno XI

Bueno XII

Bueno XIII

Bueno XIV

Bueno XV

Bueno XVI

Bueno XVII


Bueno XIX

Bueno XX

Bueno XXI

Bueno XXII


Bueno XXIV

Bueno XXV


Excellente II

Excellente III

Excellente IV

Excellente V

Excellente VI

Excellente VII

Excellente VIII

Excellente IX

Excellente X

Excellente XI

Excellente XII

Excellente XIII

Excellente XIV

Excellente XV

Excellente XVI

Excellente XVII

Excellente XVIII

Excellente XIX

Excellente XX

Excellente XXI

Excellente XXII

Excellente XXIII

Excellente XXV



J400 (No Markings)


J420 (No Markings)


J450 (No Markings)



PDQ (No Markings) 



PDQR (No Markings)



PDQ ARi (No Markings)



Phoenix (Standard)

Phoenix II

Phoenix III

Phoenix DDX

Phoenix DDX II

Phoenix ICS

Phoenix ICS II






Alpha ? (Eubie's 1st Vehicle)



Type-S ? (Masie's 4th Vehicle)

Type-S ? (Kip's 4th Vehicle)

Type-S ? (Kacie's 3rd Vehicle)

Type-S ? (Jax's 3rd Vehicle)

Type-S ? (Eubie's 3rd Vehicle)

Delta (Eubie's 4th Vehicle)

Delta II (Rosy's 4th Vehicle)

Theta (Eubie's 5th Vehicle)

Theta II (Rosy's 5th Vehicle)


Manhattan Bonus

London Bonus

Manhattan PD

London PD

Smuggler's Run 1

Baja Buggy

The Forgotten Buggy

A380's Buggy

O'Grady's Buggy

Sierra Cartel Buggy

The Quebois Buggy

Border Patrol Buggy

CIA Buggy

Army Buggy

The Forgotten S.U.V.

A380 SUV

O'Grady's SUV

Custom Smuggler's Run 1


Multiplayer modes such as Arcade Mode and Online Mode using two to four additional Xbox One controllers as well as 32 players.


Twinkle's 1st vehicle

Twinkle's 1st Vehicle

Eubie's 3rd Vehicle

Concept art: Eubie's 3rd vehicle.

Eubie's 2nd Vehicle

Eubie's 2nd Vehicle

Eubie's 1st vehicle

Eubie's 1st Vehicle

Kip's 4th vehicle

Concept art: Kip's 4th vehicle.

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